Artdom Project connects female artists from different countries in pairs to collaborate on artworks with specific themes. Artists from each country are matched in pairs and begin a creative process. One finishes what the other started.

Artists from different countries have brought their own cultural and artistic traditions and techniques to their collaborations, creating a rich and diverse tapestry of artworks that reflect the unique experiences and perspectives of each artist and their respective communities.

Part 1: Sweden and Iran, with the theme Freedom. 

Part 2: Norway and Pakistan, with the theme Feminism.

Part 3: UK and India with the theme Equality 

2 artists + 2 countries = 1 canvas 

The result is unique works of art, which reflect different realities and cultures as well as common experiences and thoughts about being a woman. The biggest takeaway for visitors at FOMAs pop up gallery may vary depending on the guests’ individual experiences and perspectives. 

However, Artdom would like to include a greater understanding of the diversity of women’s experiences around the world, a deeper appreciation for the power of art to convey important messages, and a renewed commitment to supporting women’s rights and gender equality.

Canvases will be sold at FOMAs pop-up gallery and before you visit the festival you should check out their Instagram profile,  created by the 50 Artists involved.

Welcome to Fornebu Music and Arts festival, 15th and 16th of June!